One might not be able to find this small real village called ‘Kaiyal’ on the spread map of India with the most efficient zoom lenses or microscopes. This small village Kaiyal located in the northern part of the state of Gujarat in India is yet to be affected by the side effects of modernisation and urbanisation. Situated at the distance of about 50 kilometres from mega city Ahmedabad, Kaiyal is still holding its veteran values like social equality, family bonding, communal and social harmony, peace and life within limited resources. People of each community here live with peace and harmony.

The identity of this small village is the temple of Om Bhagwati Shree Meldi Mataji. Right in the entrance of the village, this temple is located where followers from across the country offer their prayers to the Goddes Meldi Mataji.

In the current temple campus, the main Om Bhagwati Shree Meldi Mataji Temple, one shed where about 800-1000 people can sit to get benefited of Maadi’s speeches and Prasad, Kitchen, GauShala and Rest House for Hon. Maadi are located where all followers find and experience the eternal peace and divert themselves towards the noble acts.